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"A Whale Named Simeon" - The Lies we Believe

On Tuesday at San Marcos High School's bi-weekly FCA Huddle, our friend, Dave Peterson (area director for Young Life), shared about his embarrassing misconception about the lyrics for the following song: Send Me On My Way.  He explained that while everyone else in the room was, in fact, singing "Send me on my way," he was belting out "Simeon the whale."

Thankfully that misconception didn't cost Dave much (just a little embarrassment) but there are some misconceptions that can cost us quite a bit.

Dave shared the story of Jesus and the invalid (John 5:1-15).  This man was sick for 38 years (thirty eight YEARS!) and had a costly misconception: he believed that if he could be the first person to get into this pool he would be healed of his sickness but he could never make it to the pool in time.

What are the things we are believing that aren't true?... about you? about God?

TRUTH: Jesus had the power to heal this man and thankfully Jesus deals with the lies we believe and gives us unending grace.

We ended our time by challenging each student to mull over the following question:

"What is a lie I'm believing and what is it costing me?" 


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