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Welcome Our New Intern: Andrea Ward

Get to know our college intern...

Andrea grew up in the Bay Area with an older brother and younger sister. Following in the footsteps of her older brother, she started swimming at 4 years old and found herself with the amazing opportunity to compete for UC Santa Barbara and study God's creation, earning a B.S. in Biology. During the course of her senior year she discovered the passion in her heart to love on the athletes at UCSB while continuing to pursue her swimming career for God's glory.


Andrea's Five Fav's: 

Favorite Sports Team(s): UCSB Swimming and Diving... Might be a little biased on this
Favorite Santa Barbara Spot: Caje Coffee Shop in IV and Hendry's Beach
Favorite Hobbies: Playing the piano, Surfing, Cooking, Swing-set sessions
Favorite Food: Breakfast foods! Eggs and a bagel, French Toast, Pancakes, Crepes, fruit
Favorite Book(s) of the Bible: Romans, James  


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