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Beautiful are the Feet of a UCLA Soccer Player

Earlier this Fall Ryan Warner had the opportunity to partner with Athletes in Action (AIA) to lead a team chapel for UCLA Mens soccer team before their big match with UCSB.

About the experience, “It was sweet to see this team of kids from all over the world gather together the night before a game in a crammed hotel room to grow in their relationship with Jesus and each other.” The message to them was simple: 

“Keep the main thing the main thing.” 

A verse in Romans 10 says, “Beautiful are the feet that carry the good news.” The focus in this verse as well as our lives needs not to be on the feet but more the good news of Jesus. Jesus is the main thing. Through the wins and losses of life and sports if we keep the main thing the main thing we will live a beautiful life. If we don’t, our best hope is “stinky feet.”


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