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Total Athlete Camp Testimonies

Take a look at what some of what our campers had to say about their experience at FCA's Total Athlete Camp...

“The decision I made was to put God in my heart for the first time. When I went up there and invited God in my life… it just felt awesome! A whole weight was lifted off. It is unexplainable!” - JJ

“I was able to recommit my life to Christ.” - Cian

“By far this is my favorite camp.  It has brought me a lot closer to God.  I’ve had the best experience this whole week: playing one of my favorite sports with awesome people… I couldn’t ask for more.” - Desiree 

“This is my third year at FCA camp... you see new things every time you come.  You’ve really got to check it out!  The nighttime program is really special. You get to see God moving in a lot of different ways. He moves people!” - Jesse

“I really like the program because it’s really hyped up and we all get excited.  I’ve gotten a lot more friends and grown close to them.” - Jenny

“I joined in mainly for the sports but along the way I learned that my identity as a person relies on Jesus.” - Eric

“I like the worship and all the games we play.” - Keola

“My favorite part of camp is the atmosphere – being around everyone and having a good time.” - Jackson 

“My favorite part is the huddle group where you feel free to ask questions and you get answers and it’s nice to be understood and not feel lost.” - Alex

“It’s been a huge blast! Learning about Jesus again and reconnecting with Him has been the best highlight. You meet a lot of great people, you get to play your sport, and hopefully you get to find Jesus like I did.” - Roderick

“I feel like I have a connection now with God." - Jose

“(Camp) has been a really good experience. It’s brought me closer to God. It’s opened my eyes and opened my heart.” - Josue

“As a huddle leader (camp) will change your heart for ministry and the way you view high schoolers and the opportunities to see the Lord work in new ways that you never thought possible.  As a camper you are with thousands of students that are your exact same shoes: that love their sport and want to know more about God. It’s never what you expect it to be… it’s always so much more. It’s a once in a lifetime experience that you can not miss.” - Haylee

“This camp was a great experience. One highlight from this camp in when I was selected for the all star team.” - Angel

“At first I didn’t really want to go. Then I actually came and I don’t regret anything. My highlight of camp is probably my huddle group because they’re amazing people. Coming to this camp, my relationship with God has gotten stronger.” - Maile


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