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Carpinteria High's Impact Continues to Grow!

FCA leaders Madison Cleek, Harmony Reed, and Cian Figeras have caught the vision of FCA at Carp High and are a light for Christ on their campus. This month they reached out to their community and peers by hosting an FCA movie night, showing the film Woodlawn.  Several new students have joined the Carp High huddle since.  

In fact, one student (who had never heard of FCA) was invited to this movie night and was amazed at the message of hope through Jesus Christ and all it can do to unify a community.  He even asked to borrow a copy of the Woodlawn DVD at the end of the night and has watched the film several times since.  Terrell said that the movie has opened his eyes to what it means to play for Jesus Christ.  This is a testimony to the power of an invitation and the incredible influence that our student athletes can have among their peers, on their campus, and in their communities.

We're continually amazed at all that God is doing on the Carp High School campus.  Join us in praying for open doors and for more opportunities to invite students into this incredible community.





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