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FCA SPOTLIGHT: UCSB Baseball's Dalton Kelly


Meet Dalton Kelly, UCSB Baseball first basemen and FCA leader. Dalton is originally from Redding, CA and is getting married to his high school sweetheart this summer. Though temporarily injured, Dalton is leading the 7th ranked Gauchos in home runs this season. We sat down with Dalton to ask him a couple questions about FCA at UCSB.

 What has been a highlight for you at UCSB FCA this year?

'My highlight was when a student athlete showed up for the first time because he heard FCA was a place where he could bring his faith, be safe and encouraged to grow deeper in a relationship with Jesus. That's how I knew we were doing something right.'

How have you grown as a leader through FCA?

'Being a leader within FCA has given me ample opportunities to grow in my communication skills and in my ability to build relationships. It required me to be bold and brave and to pursue things that were on my heart and even though some of those things were uncomfortable, beautiful things came from them.'


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