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Leadership Training Night: A Guest Blog by Joshua Hayes

Being a huge fan of Ryan and Brittany but knowing little of FCA and how it works, I was invited by the Warners to a student-leader meeting at Taffy's, one of the local pizza joints.  Pizza seems to be recurring theme with these events and I love pizza, so needless to say, everyone felt right at home!

It was exciting to see that many kids and all the high schools were being represented.  But the best part was hearing the kids talk about how they planned on impacting their school through FCA-- from big picture visions (packing out classrooms, bringing in more freshmen, training next years' leaders) to the small details (texting so and so, having a list of future speakers, GET MORE PIZZA!).  They want to take ownership in their schools!  They want to influence their friends!  And why?! So that they would come to know Jesus.




I stuck around after and asked a few questions to some of the student-leaders.  One of the questions was: "What do you say to your friends when you ask them to come to FCA, and they say 'What's FCA?'"  One girl said, "well it's like... you'll just have to come and see!"  Reminds me of an invitation that Jesus once held out to two young men who wanted to know what he was about.. . Come, and you will see.

- Joshua Hayes, Financial Advisor












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