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Salvation is Powerful


Upon hearing the start to Eddie's story, one would think that he would be last person Christ's love could reach. Living life off the streets of LA, Eddie quickly learned some of life's harsh realities, namely through the acceptance and approval in the ugly world of gangs.  His life spiraled in tragic directions as a 10 year old drug addict and felon.  Ultimately Eddie was convicted to life in prison as a 14 year old.  As if things couldn't get worse, his life in jail stayed in darkness as he was placed in solitary confinement.  It was there, in one of the lowest places in life, that God reached out to Eddie.  His mother (who he never heard from while in prison), reached out to Eddie in the last days of her life over the phone and shared the good news of Jesus Christ.  There is truth behind the scripture that says "...all who call on the name of the Lord will be saved."  Acts 2:21

Eddie's story was told in a two-part series and drew our largest numbers of students this year at Dos Pueblos High School.  This FCA huddle welcomes over 100 students each week and yet, we could hear a pin drop while Eddie described the horrors of his life in LA, time in prison, being released after 30+ years, and the incredible redeeming work of Jesus in his life.  The best part of it all was the truth that Eddie spoke: that Christ's love never fails.  Max Geyling, a junior FCA leader, commented that he was "amazed at how far away from God Eddie was earlier in his life.  It just shows that anyone can be saved. God's love reaches all!"

Eddie started his talk by asking the students to look around the classroom and what did they see?  "PIZZA!" was the resounding answer.  He explained that many of his decisions were made because he was hungry and needed to feed his siblings.  "I wish I had a chance to go to school, that there were people who brought me pizza, that there were teachers who opened up their classroom, that there were people who cared," said Eddie. "You may think your home life is hard or that you don't have good friends but there are people out there who care.  Find those people and surround yourself with them."

Eddie told us after the huddle that he loved seeing what FCA provided for the kids each week and how he wished he had that growing up.  While FCA hopes to fill a void by providing a safe and loving place to dig deeper into the challenge and adventure of knowing Christ, at the end of the day it is Jesus who changes hearts and draws them to Him.  Join us in continuing to pray for these students and for Christ's love to abound on these high school campuses.


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