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Meet Westmont Basketball Senior Center, Daniel Carlin. Daniel is 6'9" loves tattoos and landed in Santa Barbara from Evanston Park, Australia. He is studying History and getting married this summer! Daniel was one of the original leaders for Westmont's FCA and has seen the huddle blossom into a thriving, team-unifying community. We caught up with Daniel to ask him why he does FCA, what legacy he wants to leave and some of his favorite things. 

Why are you involved with FCA?

"I am involved in FCA because I love God and I love sports. I love bringing those things together for myself and for others. I love being in a community of Christian athletes that help to focus me on what really matters and continually keep me sharp. The fellowship and prayer is always uplifting as well!"

What legacy do you want to leave at Westmont? 

"I want to leave the (basketball) program in a better place than when I got here. Not just in a sense of wins or losses but I want relationships to grow deeper, people to walk further in their faith, and to continually encourage and be uplifted by one another. Hopefully I can do that for guys already in the program and in turn they will do it for the new guys that come. I want to... show them that there is much to be gained outside of basketball so guys can continually get a full and meaningful Westmont experience."

5 Favorites with Daniel:

Favorite Sports Team: New York Knicks

Favorite SB Spot: Red Rocks

Favorite Hobbies: Camping, hiking

Favorite Food: Anything besides BBQ

Favorite Scripture: Romans 8:28 


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