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SB FCA Senior Spotlight: Megan Bergthold & Wilson Geyling


 Meet FCA Leaders, seniors, and overall studs, Megan Bergthold (top picture far right) and Wilson Geyling (bottom picture far right.) Megan will attend Wheaton College in the fall and Wilson will attend Azusa Pacific. Take some time to get to know both students and their hearts for FCA!

Megan Bergthold

How did you find out about FCA?

I found out about FCA from my god-mother, Cheryl Baird, who was involved with FCA for many years. I had always known about the camps in the summer and the great things this ministry did. 

What was a highlight as a leader?

As a leader these past two years, I have loved seeing faces at huddles that I never would have expected. People who left their normal friends and groups at lunch to have lunch with us was moving.  

As you go to Wheaton, what impact do you hope FCA has at San Marcos?

As I head to Wheaton next year, I hope FCA continues to grow at SM. I hope more kids are reached and more people get to hear about Jesus. That is my hope and prayer. 

Wilson Geyling

How did you hear about FCA?

I heard about FCA because my brother Max had been going for a couple of weeks. I wasn't an athlete, but there was no other Christian club on campus, and I wanted to be a part of something on campus that was about living for God and spreading the love of Jesus Christ to students at my school.

What is a highlight at FCA?

One of the best things that happened to us as a club this year was moving into Coach Mollkoy's woodshop. There were fifteen kids in the back of the photography classroom the first time I attended FCA. Once we moved into the woodshop, almost the entire freshman football team (which Mollkoy coaches) moved in with us, along with scores of athletes from different sports, skyrocketing attendance to at least sixty kids each week. Sure, a lot of the kids are rowdy, talkative, and may just come for the pizza, but another kid is another chance to spread the Gospel to someone who hasn't heard it before. Even if just one kid has come to know Jesus this year, that's an immense victory for the Kingdom, and that's the reason we, as a club, do what we do.

What do you hope to see FCA turn into at Dos Pueblos? 

I would like to see a motivated, invested corps of student leaders remain at the head of FCA. They don't have to be perfect Christians--none of us leaders are--but they must be fully reliant on the Holy Spirit to come and touch the hearts of students in lunchtime meetings--not themselves, be actively planning for and inviting friends and speakers to meetings and events, and remember that everything they do--FCA-related and otherwise--must be for the glory of God. The student leaders we had on our team this year did all of these things and then some, and I was proud to serve God along side them.


-Santa Barbara FCA Staff


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