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SB FCA Spotlight: Santa Ynez Leader, Brynn Fieldhouse


Brynn Fieldhouse and a few of her friends have taken it upon themselves to start FCA at their school. Brynn is a junior at Santa Ynez High School. She plays indoor and beach volleyball and her favorite subject in school is Spanish. Let's hear straight from Brynn about how Jesus has changed her and what a FCA presence at her school has done in the past few months:

"I believe that sports teams are one of the coolest mission fields for high school students. I love getting to see and hear about the way our sports teams are becoming more Christ-like as a result of FCA on our campus.

To start FCA at our school, we hosted a dodgeball tournament last November. It was so much fun to have student come together every day at lunch and compete in a friendly way. In the future, we hope to host more dodgeball tournaments and increase the number of students at our huddles.

Having Jesus in my life has given me an incredible peace and purpose. His love for me is overwhelming and I have eternally thankful for it."

Let's pray each Friday at 11:40 for Brynn and all the Santa Ynez students that gather to proclaim the good news of Christ during lunch at FCA! 



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