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SB FCA Spotlight: Westmont Basketball Player (and FCA Intern) Karlie Storkson


Let's take a journey into the mind and heart of current senior and captain of Westmont Women's basketball team, Karlie Storkson. Karlie is a FCA leader and interning with FCA to fulfill some credits in her Religious Studies classes. Enjoy as we hear from our spotlighted athlete!

Karlie Storkson is a 21 year old double athlete (Basketball and Track), double major (Religious Studies and Sociology) and senior at Westmont college and just happens to be the intern for FCA this semester and was asked to write about herself.

Pardon my run on sentence, it was for dramatic effect. Being a fourth year, on an athletic team, taking 17 units (which includes 12 hours of internship a week), and being an energetic extrovert creates a minimally rested and often stressful weeks. But let me tell you one thing, God has been so very good to me. In the following paragraphs I’ll tell you a little bit about myself and about some of the things that He has been doing through the easily distracted and over-committed person that I am.

I am from Lynnwood, Washington which is a little bit north of Seattle. I grew up with my parents Darrek and Natalie and my 3 younger siblings Jacob, Emma and Gracie. I have been fortunate to grow up with both my sets of grandparents close by and the entirety of my family has been very involved in my life both as prayer warriors and supporters of my endeavors.I accepted Christ at 5 years old and I would say I really made my walk with Him daily when I was a 16 and junior at King’s High School in Shoreline, Washington.Through this close walk with Him I felt a call on my life to be a missionary in Africa (which is a long story, no time for it here).

I came to Westmont with that vision and ended up going on a mission trip the summer after my freshman year of college to Uganda and Rwanda. It was my first time out of the country and it changed my life. I came back to Westmont for sophomore year and told everyone about the trip and the passion that God had put in my heart. It also happened to be the year that FCA came to Westmont’s campus. I began attending huddles that year and also was able to talk about my Africa experience at one of them in the spring. My involvement with FCA that year led me to be a part of the leadership team for the following year.

Junior year rolls around as one of the hardest years of my life. No major or traumatic life events happened, but God decided to do some crazy work in my life. He began breaking in and revealing sins in my life that I had kept secret. He began tearing down idols that I had built up over the years. 20 years of self-righteous perfectionism took a lot of chipping away at, and FCA meetings were one of the consistent forces working at getting me to live a more authentic faith. And amidst all of that, our basketball team was preparing to take a mission trip to Africa to use basketball as a platform for sharing the gospel. Fundraising and then mentally and emotionally preparing. God worked in crazy ways that year, through being in Africa this past summer, and He is still working and that is what brings me to this year.

I am in the thick of things. Lots of classes. Lots of basketball. Lots of looking to the future for what I am going to be doing in relation to my Africa/sports ministry related calling. In the meantime I am interning for the Warners and Stockfischs. Picking up donuts for Bible studies. Paying attention to how the Warners and Stocks lead. Orchestrating goofy games at FCA huddles. Getting the blessing of having them pour into me and pray for me. Writing up blog posts for them. And any other little thing that they need that I can fit into my schedule. Life is so full. And so very good. And I love it. Because to paraphrase the words of Carrie Underwood, Jesus has the wheel. And that is how He is doing some really cool things. Like the FCA Baptism that happened in which 3 of my teammates were amongst the people baptized. Nothing gives me more joy than people coming into a relationship with Jesus.

So Kritsin told me to mention that I was a prayer warrior too. Which is accurate. My personal devotional life has been growing and the only way that I am accomplishing things is through the grace of God. So if anything, this semi-brief glimpse into my life should point to God and the crazy-cool things that He has done thus far in my life and is continuing to do.

PTL (Praise the Lord),



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