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Staff Highlights - April 2016



We had the chance as a staff to tour a potential new site in which to host camps and retreats.  It was powerful to walk the grounds of a place we believe God will use for years to come to encourage coaches in their walks with Christ, build leaders to impact their programs, and spread the Gospel message in a truly special setting.which to host camps and retreats. 



 Just today I sat down for the first time with a UCSB athlete. She reached out to me to talk after FCA Monday night. Flat out she said, "I am sleeping with my boyfriend and don't want to anymore. I think I've felt convicted about it ever since I've started reading my Bible more." I was stunned. It showed me afresh the power of God's word and the Holy Spirit's movement to bring freedom.



As a former church youth pastor, I see such value in youth pastors connecting with students on campus during the week.  FCA provides a platform for this connection, as many youth pastors join us as speakers and volunteers in our huddles.  There is a powerful, unifying connection between churches as they join us to reach the next generation for Christ.  



Working with student athletes we realize that there is a lot of pressure put on them which often leaves them feeling stressed, exhausted, and even depressed.  This past month a parent reached out to us regarding their child who has been struggling with depression.  We are thankful to be let into these conversations and to know how we can be praying for and coming alongside these students.




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