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UCSB Students Commit Their Lives To Christ!


 UCSB FCA closed out the year this May as FCA College Staff, Kristin Stockfisch, gave an invitation to the students to accept Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. Some made the commitment to follow Jesus for the very first time and some made a faith-filled commitment to be 'all in' with the Lord as they rededicated their lives. God has done great things at UCSB this year.

Freshman track and cross country athlete, Sara Bass, (pictured above on the left) shared a few ways that FCA impacted her life this year:

"I was having a really had time adjusting to college at the start of school, but once I stumbled upon FCA, my outlook completely changed. I don't think I've ever met a group of people that loving and that welcoming. FCA ended up being the highlight of my weeks. That comforting environment was the greatest gift I could have received this year." 

Praise God for the ways he brings students to FCA. Praise God also for the fantastic leadership team at UCSB that has created the loving, welcoming atmosphere Sara spoke of. 

-Santa Barbara FCA Staff



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