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We invite you, coach, to a getaway to refresh your life in exactly what you may need:

·      Maybe you need wisdom from coaches down the line- who still wake up motivated.

·      Maybe you are desperate for a pause button to gain a glimpse into where you are and where you’re headed.

·      Maybe you need an excuse to turn off your phone for 7 hours.

·      Maybe this last year was too tough to approach the coming year the same way. 

Wherever you find yourself right now, we invite you to get away so that your family, your athletes and your community can benefit from a coach who is clear-headed and filled up.

Hosted by 

Dave Wolf, Westmont Mens Soccer Coach


Russell Smelley Westmont CC/T&F Coach 

Matt Long, Mental Performance Coach

Retreat Flow

Sessions 1: Your Calling

Session 2: Best Practices

Lunch provided by Cavalli Catering

Session 3: On Mission Together

Session 4: Developing and Clarifying Your Philosophy of Coaching